I loved her like a thousand drops of blood dripping down a dagger.

The blood runs across my fingers and it feels nice. The best way I can explain this is that it feels like home. Have you ever done something or been somewhere and all finally seemed right with the world? That is what slashing the throat of another human being feels like to me. I am in control of this person’s life. While the first cut certainly wasn’t the deepest, the blood isn’t stopping. I could simply let it ride out until the end or I can take control even further by escalating the time in which this man takes his last breath. I can hear his heart beating loud and clearly. It’s a sound that can only be heard this clear when you have their life in your hands. I drowned out all the screaming and crying. It didn’t phase me. I can hear his heart beating louder as adrenaline fills his body. Fight or flight, only he can’t go anywhere. He’s strapped to this table so that I control every aspect of his final moments on Earth. As he starts to choke on his own blood, I realize I need to act quickly if I want the final step in this process to be my doing. I lift my hands high above his chest clutching tightly that of a butcher knife. With every bit of strength I could find in my body, I plunge the knife into his heart. His body fills with air one last time then in the longest second of my life I see him exhale and his body fall limp. I did that. A sense of accomplishment floods my body and I feel a rush that not even the most potent drugs could do to my body.

Should I be like any other cliche writer and start this piece by defining what I’m writing about? Fuck it. I feel it is necessary because people all have a different opinion on the matter. Well, it’s important for you all to realize that there is a clear definition to explain this act.

Murder: The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

In layman’s terms, murder is when a person dies at the hands of another. I suppose the actual definition isn’t fuzzy at all, it’s what people make of the unique act that blur lines a bit. Some of the most popular shows on television right now center on death, specifically murder. Dexter, a show that will always be close to my heart, is the best example of this. Dexter is unique in that he hasn’t just committed a single murder. He is a serial killer. Of course, Dexter is a bit more complex than that. He doesn’t just go around slashing throats because he is bored. Let’s compare it to that of Walter White. He murders people to further his “career” in drug dealing and to protect his name and family. He has a clear reason behind it and some would argue that some of the murders were justified. Dexter murders because he has a Dark Passenger. In other words, he has a strong urge to kill that he can’t just dismiss. Think of yourself. You might have an urge to hit someone in the face. In fact, if you’ve never felt that urge, you are a better person than most will ever be. Anyways, those who feel that, for the most part, don’t act on it. Imagine feeling that urge so strongly you can’t hide it. You have to act on it and often.

When I think of murder a smile comes across my face. It isn’t that I am insane. Or maybe, I’m not a psychologist what do I know? I get irrationally excited when I watch murder on television. It isn’t just fake stuff either. I go out of my way to recent death on the Internet to see live murders. Sometimes I think I might have a bit of murderous tendencies. I can honestly say I have never laid a hand on another human being, but when will my breaking point come? Is it all just a dark fantasy that will pass with time? Is it just a dream that when it comes to reality will never play out the way I see? While the act of murder may fascinate me to unhealthy extents, I know the results of it are not worth it. Unless of course I am smart enough to avoid any repercussions. What do I have to lose really? Why shouldn’t I get to live out my desires like everyone else does?

Well, I guess it’s time I finally confide in a therapist. Perhaps, I’ll learn some techniques to aid a person into suicide.



No swimming if you can’t swim.

You’ve seen it once. You’ve seen it twice. You’ve seen it a thousand times. By now, you know the basics of what you are supposed to do to properly maintain an online presence. What you don’t know yet is the things you shouldn’t do. So, I want to take a moment to describe all the bad things one could do to jeopardize their online presence. Sure, some things may seem a bit obvious of what you should avoid posting but sometimes it’s best to just get it all out in the open. The reason you see warning labels such as “Do not hold the wrong end of a chainsaw” is because someone at one point in time did it. Think of this blog sort of like that. I will say here first: this is a list of what NOT to do, so don’t do it.

The first major way to fail is by not monitoring your online presence. Seriously, what is the point of spending hours each week planning your social media posts and blogs just for it to be a waste of time? Well, you wouldn’t know considering you fail to use the plethora of free tools available to you online. It’s so simple to track the progress that I have no idea why anyone wouldn’t do it. This will tell you everything that has brought in traffic and exactly how much traffic. From there, you can alter the way you are doing things to ensure you are doing it successfully. So, take the 10 extra minutes it will take you a week to do that. Ultimately, it will save you a ton of wasted work and improve your rankings.

Never by any means post inappropriate content. I know this seems so obvious to say, but some people can’t quite grasp that a business social media page should be managed differently than a personal page. I know that using curse words can help you relate to some consumers, but it can drive away others. As a business just trying to start off, you can’t afford to lose any of these consumers. You need to be really careful too because there have been instances of inappropriateness by accident. In the latter half of 2014, #WhyIStayed was trending on Twitter. This was to promote awareness for domestic violence. Well, Digiorno Pizza got a little too excited and tweeted, “#WhyIStayed You had pizza.” Um, that’s just wrong. It took them a little bit to recover from such a massive fail. So do yourself a favor and pay attention before you post.

Finally, don’t give up. Businesses will often times feel discouraged by the fact their marketing efforts failed to work right away. News flash: Internet marketing takes time, but it’s truly worth it. Honestly, it could be a year or more before you dominate the rankings in your particular industry. To make sure that actually ends up happening for your company, you need to keep at it. I know watching the rankings slowly raise can be immensely frustrating, but you can’t give up. Dedication will set your company apart from the thousands of others in your industry. Certainly you want to be the best. Well, giving up won’t get you there. Now that you know what not to do in terms of online marketing, you should be on a good path toward ending success.

A man’s grammar, like Caesar’s wife, should not only be pure, but above suspicion of impurity.

Surely you have heard of the term “Grammar Nazi” used somewhere online. While it may seem a bit insensitive, it is the Internet we’re talking about here. You can’t really expect everyone to be perfect, politically correct angels, can we? In regards to the Grammar Nazis that surround us, I salute you. I know that texting and instant messaging may result in the use of emoticons and acronyms and basically just never using real words ever. That is perfectly fine for those situations. I couldn’t care less if you never used a real word any when speaking with your friends. But when it comes to writing blogs and other content for the purposes of getting ranked on Google or any sort of online attention for your business, you need to spell out your words and be grammatically correct. This isn’t just because the other way of doing things is immensely unprofessional. Your fate on Google depends on your correct use of comma. I know, it seems a bit scary.

So, exactly how strict are these grammar rules? You don’t have to be the next up and coming Poe, but you should have at the very least passed high school English. Your excessive use of “ur” in replace of the actually word may have caused you to forget when the appropriate time to use your as opposed to you’re. (Here’s a hint: You’re means you are.) Okay, I realize you aren’t an idiot, but some people need a bit of a refresher in the matter. A single use of the wrong version of “your” won’t jeopardize your rankings, but it can make you look a bit silly. The same applies to there, their and they’re (There = location, their = possessive, they’re = they are). Consistently using one of these words wrong will slowly cause your rankings to drop until you are nowhere to be found. You’ll basically fall of the face of Google and I know that is the last thing you want for your company.

Next thing you’ll want to keep an eye on is your use of apostrophes. Let me go over a quick review of exactly what this punctuation mark is for those who have been out of school longer than most. According to the geniuses at Wikipedia, “The apostrophe is a punctuation mark… It serves three purposes: The marking of the omission of one of more letters; the marking of possessive case; the marking by some as plural of written items that are not words established in English.” Let me explain this in layman’s terms. The way is used in cases of word contractions. For example, do not turns into don’t with the use of this punctuation. In the next case, the apostrophe indicates the noun owns the object such as Harry Potter’s wand. The last case is in regards to the plural form of a letter as in there are two t’s in the word letter. I know in some cases it can look word to either add it or even remove it, but if it’s not right, it’s not right. You will look silly and Google doesn’t appreciate silly.

The final lesson in grammar I want to relay to you is the use of fewer and less. People for whatever reason seem to think these two words are interchangeable. They are not! To know how to use them correctly, you must first understand their meaning. Both words are used to describe a smaller amount of something. The simple difference can be described as follows: fewer is used for things you can tangibly count, and less is used for things you can’t count. Take a look at the examples below:

  • Correct: My Chex Mix has fewer M&Ms than pretzels.
  • Incorrect: I have fewer willpower than my friend.
  • Correct: I listen to less music when I’m on tour.
  • Incorrect: She ate less cookies than I did.

This is Grammar 101 people, and this could be the difference between your business prospering from all the attention of being on the first page of Google or failing from lack of sales. Certainly you want to succeed. I don’t even know you and I want you to succeed. So, do me a favor and please use basic grammar in all your web content so you don’t fail over something silly like the misspelling of a word.

If a tree falls in the forest but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Try and try as you might, it may just not add up. I don’t doubt that what you’re doing isn’t good, it’s just not good enough. There are some key things that will or will not occur if your web presence just isn’t enough. First, you won’t be receiving any traffic. How are you supposed to generate leads if no one is coming to your site to begin with? There is a zero percent chance then. So your first step is getting people to your site.

You find yourself writing pretty decent content a couple times a week. What gives then? Well, the headlines are what people are most attracted to. If it lacks information or is just plain boring, no one is going to click on it leaving you in the situation you currently are in. Determine your audience and be sure to mention what the article is about in the headline. Make sure it is simple, yet engaging. For example, a good headline would be “Snapping Your Business to the Top.” This article is about using Snapchat for marketing purposes so the headline uses a play on the app name while still informing the public.

Next, you are going to want to write shareable content. Articles that are well written and useful tend to make their way across multiple social platforms giving it a large audience. Buzzfeed is a good example of this. They write articles that are interesting and relevant to the whatever trends are going on in society. Take a look at “13 Reminders That Lady Gaga Has Always Been Incredibly Talented.” This is relevant as Lady Gaga had recently performed at the Academy Awards show upon posting this article. This led hundreds of people to share it on Facebook alone. Count in the many shares throughout other social platform and it easily exceed a thousand.

The examples used previously may be completely irrelevant to your business. It’s extremely important that what you are writing about is actually relevant to what your company offers. If you are a lawyer, then anything you write on your site should be relevant to the law you practice. Criminal defense lawyers could write in depth articles about various DUI laws while still being able to post quirky articles such as reviewing the new popular TV show “Better Call Saul.” While the latter may seem like a stretch, it’s important not to solely stick to the mundane informative articles. Something light and fun like a TV review is going to gain back attention that was possibly lost through the many informative blogs.

Just be sure that you are posting frequently and to all the major social networks. If you follow these tips diligently, there should be no reason your site isn’t gaining the traffic it deserves. Of course, hiring a team of professional online marketers could be the answer for you. Business Website Developers can effectively help your site gain traction on the web thus resulting in conversion. Learn more today by visiting our site.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Let’s travel back in time to high school. I can hear the groans now. This wasn’t a pleasant time for most. If you are in the majority, you likely spent these four years desperately trying to gain approval from the popular crowd. You would note their style and dress accordingly. You would practice a new sport so you could try out for the team. You would talk to the cool kids any chance you got. Some even went as far as doing stuff for the cool kids trying to get an in with them. It was a lot of work trying to be cool.

The same goes for the Internet as well. There are cool companies in certain niches and others that are desperately trying to be cool. Just consider insurance companies. The few that come to mind are likely Geico, Progressive and Allstate. Each worked hard to create a solid reputation for themselves. Do you think the mayhem guy was thought of overnight? Certainly not. Prior to those witty commercials with Dean Winters, there were simple ones narrated by Dennis Haysbert. The same applies to your online branding. You must try and try until you find something that sticks.

One major important aspect to your online marketing should be your blog. Blogging is what’s going to help gain trust in potential clients and grab Google’s attention to get you noticed. The blog could be the first thing seen by many potential consumers. This means you have to leave a good impression. Your blog should be uniquely designed to represent your company. Use a mix of good design and quality content to express our brand through the blog.

Next, you’ll want to establish a catchy tag line that is going to stick in people’s minds. Take the insurance example used above. “15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance.” Most everyone in the nation would know instantly that this slogan is for Geico. It should be catchy. Remember, cliché stuff works. I know people tend to want to shy away from it, but it’s cliché for a reason! A dentist could use something as cheesy as “Brightening the city one smile at a time.” It’s remarkably cheesy and I can’t believe this even came out my mind, but I can almost guarantee that society would eat it up.

Once you’ve established a key look, voice and slogan, you’ll want to use it throughout the Internet. It should remain consistent on your website, social media, local listings and anything else that your company name will be attached to. The easier it is for people to recognize your brand, the more business you will receive because of it. Just think about what you would do. If you needed car insurance, wouldn’t you inquire about one of those three companies stated above? There is no sense in doing extra research when you already know about three quality companies. That can be yours within your industry if you follow these branding steps successfully.

I tweet, therefore my entire life has shrunk to 140 character chunks of instant event & predigested gnomic wisdom. & swearing.

We all know the business benefits of LinkedIn and even Facebook, but when it comes to Twitter, many people are still left in the dark. While other people use Twitter for the purpose of creeping on their friends’ lives and getting a peek into the life of a celebrity, businesses use it to establish their brand online and generate leads. With that main goal in mind, it’s easier to determine who you should be targeting and what information you should be sharing. At any given second, there are roughly 4,000 tweets sent out by more than 284 million unique users. This site is ranked within the top ten of the most visited websites throughout the globe according to Alexa’s web traffic analysis. As you can see, it’s smart to use this site to garner web traffic.

Before you take any steps further in developing your Twitter profile, allow me to take a moment to describe to you the most important features. A retweet is when you share someone else’s post so it appears on your Twitter. It will keep credit to the original poster. Your goal as a business trying to make it in the digital world is to post interesting stuff in order to encourage others to retweet. This would then allows a broader audience of users to see your profile. This will bring more followers to your page as well as more traffic to your website. The next important bit of important information are trending topics. These are used in the form of hashtags mainly. This is how you can ensure your content gets seen by a large audience at once. More than simply your followers will see the tweet then. Between retweets and trending topics, your business will get the attention it deserves.

Just as you would set up a Facebook page for your business, you’re going to want to use the company name as the username and provide a link to the website in the bio. Then you’ll want to update the profile picture and cover picture as something relevant to your business. From there, you’ll want to focus your efforts on the content you are putting out. What do you want your strategy to be? Some companies take the humor route by posting funny yet relevant content. This is a great way to gather a following. Of course, you run the risk of getting followers who won’t become leads this way. You could also take the professional route and simply stick to your business and provide useful information. Though you want to stick close to your industry, many businesses branch out a bit more on Twitter. That’s just how it is designed.
As you probably already know by now tweets are limited to 140 characters. This means that you have to get creative with it. This is not a lot of room so choose your words wisely. If you are posting a link to a blog on your site, there are certain things that are proven to be successful. For example, a list post such as “5 Ways to Stage your Home” would be ideal. For whatever reason people love lists. The same goes for “How to” articles. Using Twitter for the benefit of your business isn’t hard at all. It just takes some dedication. You may want to look into various Twitter tools to help you determine when the best time of day is to tweet for you particular industry. Soon, you’ll be a success by following these tips.